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Block Puzzle Jewel is a super fun block game inspired by the all-time classic Tetris that challenges you to place the pieces in a way that you can improve your score until you reach the best record possible.

Gameplay in Block Puzzle Jewel is exactly the same as that of Tetris so if you've played it before, it'll be easy for you to play but if you haven't, it'll also be easy for you to get familiar with the controls. Each piece has a different color, but the best part is that you'll see where each piece will fall. So, you can place it correctly before it reaches its destination. The tricky part about this adventure is the speed at which the pieces fall from the upper part of the screen. You definitely won't have any time to think too much about your moves.

The more lines you can complete, the more points you'll add to your score. Your main goal is to set the bar as high as you can. Try to place each piece in the best location before the game ends!
By Beatriz
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